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“Water” the inevitable coolant in the industry becomes an issue of concern when traces of Calcium, Magnesium integrated with Carbonates, Bicarbonates or Sulphates are found in water and is termed as ‘HARD WATER’. Minerals in water create problem when they collect, compact and form scales. The problems posed by such ‘HARD WATER’ to industry are costly and time consuming where de-scaling of equipment is concerned.


The scales formed poses various areas of concern such as:

a)   reduction of heat exchanging efficiencies and

b)   reduction in mechanical efficiencies of equipment such as pump and the pipelines in terms of flow rate and the maintenance costs due to the back pressures developed.

c)   The above results in huge energy losses electrical or thermal.

d)   Scaling is a pain area of all industry as the present process of de-scaling is very cumbersome and expensive, where corrosive chemicals have to be handled and possibility of expensive parts that have been covered with heavy scales may be damaged in the process.

Until now, the solutions has been to install “Reverse osmosis” plant, Filters or Water softeners using salt resin ionisation where by the water is softened by direct contact with an ionising resin contained in the chamber. The hard water progressively reduces the ionising properties of the resin and this regularly has to be recharged by back flushing whilst simultaneously adding salt (Sodium chloride ), to the unit. This leaves Sodium as a by product, an undesirable addition to the water. In companies where continuous operation is essential , two separate water softening units have to be installed so that the plant can continue to function, whilst other being regenerated. Often water consumption is so high that multiple units have to be installed.

These softening plants involves huge capital outlay, high maintenance cost  and endless supply of salts to regenerate the system. This method of water softening is now causing a serious environmental problem and increasingly  the effluent requires expensive treatment either by the company or the waste water authority.

Please note that other than the use of undesirable chemicals, the replacement of filters and maintenance is also an on-going cost for the user.





As a system de-scaler, PowerSol ELECTRONIC WATER CONDITIONER  is the most cost effective, environmentally sound system, currently available. No other system combines the ability to functionally  softening the water with the ability to de-scale the pipe work and all the equipment and machinery to which connected, without using chemicals. The user friendly, PowerSol ELECTRONIC WATER CONDITIONER system offers an entirely new dimension in the water treatment technology. This high-tech RODF technique neutralizes the bonding ability of the minerals that are contained in the water. This effectively breaks down large mineral crystals into tiny mineral particles and prevent them from reacting with other minerals or bonding to any surface to form scales. This process is so effective that existing scales are progressively  broken down and flushed away in due course of time. The particle size of the ionised  flow is below that required for most fungal and algae formation and these tend to be eliminated along with lime scale.

The gaseous ions in the water are also conditioned, resulting in better tasting, non corrosive water. This also helps the vegetation / plants in the environment grow well and healthy if fed with the conditioned water.


1)       Removes the ills of hard water in commercial  quantity without using chemicals.

2)       Eliminates the need of Hydro-chloric acid or phosphoric acid for de-scaling.

3)       Progressively de-scales Cooling-towers, Boilers, Heat exchangers, Compressors, Valves, Elements, Pipes and Pumps.

4)       Prevents lime-scale formation on new or reconditioned equipment.

5)       Reduces maintenance, manpower, down-time and energy cost.

6)       Kills algae, fungi, and other micro-organisms.

7)       No maintenance. Practically fit and forget.

8)       No recurring expenses.   

9)      No direct contact with the water flowing inside the pipeline.   

9)      PowerSol ELECTRONIC WATER CONDITIONER is the only device available which through its sophisticated combination of systems not only prevents the scaling but also descales the existing scaling, if any, in the network.

The design, number and the price of such PowerSol installation in the system has to be determined by inspection of the site and submission of quotation for the same.

          FLUSHING OF CONDENSER PIPELINES AFTER 3 MONTHS PowerSoling                                            SCALED PIPE - AFTER 3 MONTHS - AFTER 6 MONTHS PowerSoling

A few points in general  related to our product is listed below for your information:

Ø  Cost of Energy and Chemicals

Ø  Heavy investment over stock of Chemicals.

Ø  Chemical treatment of pipelines/tubes in interval of 1 to 6 month allow some scale to deposit.

Ø  Studies shows that 1 mm increase in scale thickness can reduce heating efficiency by an average of 6%, with the first 0.4mm showing a rate as high as 10%.

Ø  Hence continuous water treatment is required to reduce to running cost.

Ø  de-ScALL  provides 24x7 water treatment without incurring chemical cost and maintain the efficiency throughout service period.

Ø  Environmental Hazards

Ø  Traditional methods of softening water use salt in order to remove calcium from the water. These systems require regular flushing with salt and dump salt brine in rivers/under ground water.

Ø  This salt is harmful to all living species. Plants, fish and animals are forced to suffer from caustic amounts of salt in the freshwater supplies.

Ø   Salt significantly reduces all aspects of plant growth. 

Ø  There is no practical or inexpensive way to remove these salts during waste treatment.

Ø  de-ScALL Chemical free water Treatment system eliminates the use of harmful chemical and helps to protect environment