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Blasting can be of two types viz. Instantaneous or Delay. Many times for special purpose/strata/fragmentation/vibrations delay detonators are used in circuits

to get the right effect.The biggest problem is that the delay detonators available is never accurate in terms of delay. Any variation in milli seconds of delay may

not result in the expected results. This is where a Programmable Sequential Blasting Machine can be put to use for the exact delays required per circuit.

We manufacture Standard Programmable Sequential Blasting Machine (SBM) of 8 & 16 delays. The features of the two remains the same except for the

number of delays.


Number of Delay


8/16 delays

Delay Range per Delay


Programmable from 1 MS - 100  MS (Milli Second)

Maximum Circuit Resistance per Delay


160 Ohms with cable (Approx. 30 detonators)
(Thus total capacity 30 X 8 = 240 Ohms for 8 delays &
30 X 16 = 480 Ohms for 16 delays)

Firing Current per Delay


1.2 Amps.

Duration of Firing Current per Delay


< 4 Milli Seconds



Hand Cranked Generator Type

The total unit is light weight approx. 3.5 kgs., easy to carry at any site.

The above pruducts are always available with us ex-stock. In addition to the above standard models we manufacture
100 shots/400 shots Dynamo Condenser Discharge Type Exploders to suit your requirement.

Any specification can be had against specific orders