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  Solar Hybrid coolers from POWER INDA

POWER INDIA  launches ‘MAGIC’  range of India’s first Energy Efficient personnel cooler-cum-fan which runs on multiple energy source viz. Solar,  Battery & conventional grid Electricity. The Cooler-Cum-Fan is very energy efficient as it consumes only 15 Watts of power when on full load and is capable to cool an averaged sized room. It is flexible in installation which can be window mounted or portable trolley mounted for personal convenience. Higher wattage coolers are also available to cater to all needs.


MAGIC  has the highest flexibility both in power source as well as portability as the  cooler-cum-fan weighs just approx. 6 – 8  kgs. and can be set at any convenient place in office, shop or home. It runs even in stand alone mode on Solar Photovoltaic Module(SPV) during any sunny day which is abundant in this area and thus the cost of running on SPV is ZERO plus you are not dependent on grid electricity.MAGIC  is powered by highly Efficient SPV modules which has life of 25 years.


POWER INDIA wishes to promote this range product as a all year use fan cum cooler as it saves power cost on grid upto 80%, gives five times usage time on inverters in load shedding areas and can operate in stande alone mode as well to reach the electricity starved & remote places with flexibility of taking a tapping for energy saving type LED lighting during night time. POWER INDIA are also in Wind Power - Solar Hybrid Systems & OEM users of reputed make SPV Module. The company in addition to this provides  uninterrupted non conventional power generation solutions to medium and lower end users with very low pay back period and high energy savings.


In addition to the above range of patented product POWER INDIA  has patented solution for solar version of overhead water pumping in all capacities for daily needs and solar Reverse Osmosis plants to provide clean potable water to all remote  places who are the highest prone to water borne diseases.